Saturday, June 8, 2013

5 ways to pass a drug test.....

Number one: don't do drugs. (This is my addition- it seems a little obvious but for some reason when you google"How to pass a drug test" that option is not in the top results... DUH!  idiots...)

I suppose I should start  this off by saying that I am not concerned about passing a drug test.  Sometimes when I type slow enough in the Google search bar, it offers me alternative searches that it thinks I may be trying to type out.  Here is what came up:

 Of course, rather than search how to do anything, the majority of people in my "demographic" search for a TV show.  Of course they do.

I kept typing....
Obviously I know how to take a screenshot.....  Google hasn't hit mind-reading psychic powers yet.
Interesting selection, isn't it?  What if someone had to pass a drug test to get a job painting cars in a body shop, failed the drug test because of their obscene drug habits, so, in a fit of coke-induced brilliance, decided they had to move west and pan for gold.  This grand gesture would obviously need a well packed backpack along for the ride. 

So of course, I was curious and clicked on "how to pass a drug test."  Testing has gotten pretty high-tech and it is pretty hard to trick your way out of.  Again, I'd have to say just don't do the drugs in the first place if you fear drug testing.... 

Fun fact I learned from this WikiHow page (that has been edited by 112 people and read 4,341,707 times) is that it is nearly impossible for a dark haired person to manipulate the test results for a hair sample test because cocaine and other sythetic drugs are detected in the melanin (hair color).  THC, however, is detected by looking at the keratin.  Does that mean you could take fingernail samples to test for pot?  Ah, the deep questions of the world of science. 

P.s.  I was trying to search for "how to paint animals" before I got so sidetracked, in case you were wondering.  I'm having issues with my portrait of Douglas, the classy yet cantankerous pug. 

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