Tuesday, February 26, 2013

T is for Tuesday... and Traditions

Okay, so I haven't got any "T" ideas yet.  I'm beginning to think that these T Tuesdays are a bad idea since I have no follow up skills. 

I guess I was just hoping that I could create a tradition that I could come back to and rely on as the time went past.  Scientists (or psychologists or someone with an official title) say that having a tradition can help you relax and become comfortable with a situation.  I'm not sure what all this applies to, but I can think of two things in particular: sleep and marriage.

I think of marriage for several reasons:
1. I just (literally: the credits are still rolling on the screen) finished watching The Five Year Engagement.  It looked like a funny movie, but I probably wouldn't have watched it right away if it weren't for Jason Segal- I really love him.  I fell in love with Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, but I love pretty much everything else I've seen him in.

*Side note: favorite Marshall quote "I want to stay in tonight- I have warm soup tummy"

It was good- I would recommend it, but there were some real bummer moments in it.  I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but they definitely get cold feet in the strung out planning of their wedding. 

2. I just went to the Northwest Montana Wedding Expo last weekend.  I will say that I will never go to that with a combination hangover flu bug ever again.  What is the point of paying to go in somewhere to look at brochures if you don't get to reap the benefits of free booze and elegant snacks?  There was free Tamarack beer, for crying out loud!  Across from the boudoir photographer booth!  But we did see our bridesmaid dresses on the model in the runway show. 

3. Two of my best friends (they are definitely top 5) took me with them to view a possible wedding venue up past Martin City.  Anyone who knows Martin City will immediately go, "Why are they getting married by Martin City?!" But I happen to think anywhere with a Deerlick Saloon is a-okay in my book.  Also, the scenery is fucking gorgeous.  I know I told my friends this repeatedly, but when we drove up that road to go camping the last 2 summers, I always look at that particular field and those horses and cows and think "What a beautiful meadow up here in the woods!"  And now they are getting married there!!!!
So you can see how I have marriage and weddings on the brain.  On the drive back into town from the venue, we were talking about what they would do at the ceremony.  At weddings, there are so many traditions.  We talked about why couples "jump the broomstick," how Jewish people stomp on the glass, those silly candle-lighting-as-one portions of the ceremony (it's symbolically beautiful, but it can end up being so cheesy sometimes!), spending the night away from each other and not seeing each other before the wedding, and all that good stuff.  Why do we go through all that?  It seems silly if you think about it.  Going through these traditions is probably a comforting ritual that calms the nerves of a worried bride and groom. 

Just like sleep- I am a notorious insomniac (See Also: Night Chef, or Creeper Staring Into the Fridge in a Dark Kitchen).  So I have read a LOT about different tips and tricks to aid sleep.  My favorite "Tricks" involve medication, but that isn't the healthiest route, so I look at my alternatives.  One that I've seen several times is creating a bedtime ritual or tradition.  Parents do this with children and most of us don't even think twice about the connotations.  One that I've seen is brewing a cup of tea- I've tried it with mild success.  Unless the tea has a spot of Nyquil with it, then it works pretty good. 

Do we do these little traditions to make ourselves feel better?  Or do they really have some sort of meaning?

P.S. How was that for a T Tuesday?  I lost track of all the T's after counting 100!  Success! 

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