Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cold Mountain

I watched the movie Cold Mountain today for the first time- I never got around to seeing it in its Academy Award hubbub, so I decided to bite the bullet when I saw that my roommate owned it.  It is very gritty, and it makes me glad to live in the 21st century for a number of reasons.  Running water, for one.  I couldn't stand being that dirty all the time!

One thing I noticed is that people will do a lot to make it through in a war.  People make sacrifices and they make choices and they become people that they might not have been.  I absentmindedly thought to myself that I was so glad we weren't in a war right now.  Then I realized we were.  Just because its not in our backyard, there is a war going on.  How can we forget that?  It seems like even up to World War 2 and the Vietnam war, people away from the fighting still had to sacrifice- use less butter, not wear nylon stockings, get temporary jobs in the factories making ammo....  What are we doing when there are thousands of U.S. soldiers over in the middle east?  Having chinese food delivered and watching tv.  Meanwhile, overseas.....

I don't really know what to think of all this, but I think the fact to take away from this is that we should think about this.  Period. 


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