Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10..... ladies night

So it was ladies night at our house tonight (as in,  the roommate's hubs is out of town) (also,  Doug was there.... ) so what did we do on this fine Tuesday night?  Paint our nails girly pink for upcoming Valentine's Day,  drink red wine/hard cider, watch Bravo and talk about how we wish her hubby was around to bring us brownies haha it was delightful,  just the way Tuesday nights used to be when it was just us girls. Not that I don't love having Mr. Roommate around - I couldn't ask for a better dude around the house!  On a totally related note,  I am so blessed that all my besties have wonderful,  easy going,  entertaining,  interesting man friends in their life.  I was planning to use this post as an outlet to lament my single-ness when all (ALL) my close friends are un-single, but instead I'm going to say thank you to my friends and their significant others for still being awesome people and friends regardless of how our lives change and morph into grown -upness. You couldn't have picked a better crop of dudes!  I love you all and the people you love.  Happy Valentine's week (also,  Happy extraterrestrial visitor day. ... coincidence?  I think not. ...)

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