Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 1: really??

Regardless of your opinion on the issue,  is this really appropriate?  No,  it's not.  It will either elicit an ignorant person's Git'r' done ( or an angry liberal person's rant on women's reproductive issues or,  more likely,  the person that is reading that knows (or is) someone who has struggled with an unplanned pregnancy destroying life as they know it and they get slightly sad and self reflective for a moment before getting angry at the tool who made you go through this painful moment unnecessarily while on their way to work or to get groceries.  If the owner of this truck happens to be reading this, consider this my angry double middle finger salute for ruining so many people's afternoons.   A lesson to my readers,  don't put bumper stickers with dead babies on your car.  Just don't.
End rant.

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