Monday, October 21, 2013

The Amazing Merengue Dancing Dog

I think I may have overlooked an exciting career opportunity:


This amazing merengue dancing dog is pretty damn impressive and adorable.  I know this is an old video, but the best time wasting website just reminded me of it in this random post, one of many random Buzzfeed posts that are extremely enjoyable.  Tonight, I also read about Bostonians being hardcore Bostonians (the first picture shows a road condition advisory board that reads "Wicked High Tides" and later on, a taxi advertisement for a car wash that reads "Like a Spa For Your Cah"  Phenomenal.)  After that, I looked at the top 20 dog Halloween costumes, followed by the top 20 coolest pug Halloween costumes.  Then I found "34 Times John Krasinski was the Most Perfect Man Alive."  Nailed it.  If you've never buzzfeeded (or is it BuzzFed?) get on there asap.  Get comfortable, though because you'll be cruising it for hours.  I literally started writing this post an hour and a half ago, but have been "getting links" to connect their site to this post and keep getting distracted by even more entertaining lists.  Like right now, I'm watching "Yiddish Words You Should be Using Right Now"  FAKAKTA! 

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